New Public Affairs Manager at Folksam

Mojtaba Ghodsi will be the new Public Affairs Manager for Folksam and its subsidiaries. He will be taking up his post immediately after the New Year and was most recently Team Leader for Public Affairs at JKL.

“With Mojtaba Ghodsi as new Public Affairs Manager, we will be honing Folksam’s communication even further. We see it as a natural part of the business to influence those in our surroundings and obtain their opinions. Mojtaba has the right background and experience to manage and harmonise structured and coordinated communication with opinion-makers, industry associations and political decision-makers,” says Erik von Hofsten, Head of Group Corporate Communications at Folksam and its subsidiaries.

Mojtaba Ghodsi has extensive experience of opinion shaping and political lobbying, particularly as an advisor and consultant within Public Affairs at JKL. He has previously served in the trade department at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Federation of Swedish Farmers’ representation in Brussels, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for External Relations, and the Swedish Ministry for Agruculture working on EU-related issues.

“Folksam’s operations have points of contact with several major future issues – everything from challenges linked to changes in demographics and the issue of how Sweden’s future welfare will be financed to the role insurance solutions may have in the future, as a result of climate change, for example.  I’m very much looking forward to contributing to Folksam’s lofty ambitions when it comes to being a distinct voice in social debate,” says Mojtaba Ghodsi.

The position of Public Affairs Manager falls under Folksam’s Corporate Communications Department.

Mojtaba Ghodsi succeeds Anna Karin Wallberg, who left the post during the summer.

For further information, please contact:
Mojtaba Ghodsi, tel. +46 (0)702-40 78 15
Erik von Hofsten, Vice President and Head of Group Corporate Communications at Folksam, tel. +46 (0)722-30 20 26

Press Release – New Public Affairs Manager at Folksam

Mojtaba Ghodsi, ansvarig Public Affairs Folksam

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