The Folksam Group and Aberdeen Standard Investment launch new real estate fund

The Folksam Group and Aberdeen Standard Investments are launching AIPP Folksam Europe II, a fund in fund that invests in real estate, and which is only open to companies within the Folksam Group. The intention is to invest 300 million Euro in the European real estate market over the next three-four years, starting with an initial amount of 100 million Euro.

Investments will mainly be in non-listed funds, but, will potentially include joint ventures and some co-investments, as well.

– The Folksam Group is investing in real estate because it contributes to good risk diversification and higher than expected returns, says Michael Kjeller, Chief Investment Officer at Folksam Group.

– Simply put, we can get our customers a higher return over time, without raising the risk level. Over the past few years, we have been a successful investor in high quality real estate on the Swedish real estate market. But, with this investment, our ambition is to break into comparable real estate, in Europe. However, our organization, alone, does not have the resources to do this and that is why we have chosen to collaborate with Aberdeen Standard Investments, which is a well-recognized skilful actor within the field, continues Michael Kjeller.

The Folksam Group is one of Aberdeen Standard Investments Real Estate Multi-Manager’s oldest customers. The launching of AIPP Folksam Europe II represents a continuation of this long relationship.

For more information:
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