Folksam Group invests in infrastructure fund

Folksam Group will invest EUR 125 million, equivalent to just over SEK 1.2 billion in Macquarie’s infrastructure fund, the Macquarie Super Core Infrastructure Fund (MSCIF). Macquarie is a world leading private investor within infrastructure investments.

 “The investment is the next step along the way of our strategy of investing in assets that offer good risk diversification with a high risk-adjusted return. In this way, we increase the potential return on our customers’ capital, while limiting risks. Through Macquarie we gain access to world-leading competence in the field of infrastructure. The investment complements our current infrastructure investments, where Ellevio is the backbone,” says Michael Kjeller, Chief Investment Officer at Folksam Group.

The Macquarie Group is a global financial institution with over 14,000 employees and its headquarters in Sidney. The fund capital in MSCIF will reach a total of just over EUR 2 billion. The idea is to create a diversified fund, with regulated assets, primarily within European infrastructure. It is about essential access to electricity and gas distribution, district heating and water and sanitation that are characterized by low risk with a good cash flow. The duration of the fund is 20 years with an extension option.

The investment is distributed as follows within the Folksam Group: Folksam Life EUR 52 million, Folksam General EUR 14 million and KPA EUR 59 million.

For more information:

Christian Hall, Group Investor Relations Manager +46 (0)724-68 70 60


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