Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2014

The past year

The customers are more satisfied than ever: Our measurements show that our customers are more satisfied than ever before.

Sweden’s largest insurance company: With a premium volume of SEK 47.5 billion, Folksam with its subsidiaries is Sweden’s largest insurance and pension savings player. The Swedish Insurance Federation’s industry statistics showed that we are currently the largest player on the market for life insurance and the third largest player in non-life insurance.

Home insurance received highest marks: Our large home insurance received the highest rating for the second consecutive year in a comparison conducted by the Konsumenternas Försäkringsbyrå (Consumers’ Insurance Bureau). Folksam insures 450,000 singlefamily homes, terraced houses and linked houses.

Raised bonus interest: Folksam Life raised the bonus interest rate on traditional insurance twice in 2014. At year-end, it was 7.0 per cent before tax and fees. At the same time, we introduced limits on deposits to strengthen the long-term perspective in the traditional life insurance and protect the already insured customers.

New offering: In light of the government’s proposal to reduce the deduction right for private pension savings – and on the long term entirely repeal it – Folksam Life stopped the new sale of private pension insurance with running premiums. Instead, we launched a new offer to the customers in December.

Bonuses: For the 2014 financial year, a total of 2.4 million customers in Folksam Non-life and Folksam Life share SEK 546 million (480) in bonus.


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