Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2016

Our customers should feel secure in a sustainable world

This is the Folksam Group

Our job is provide security in every phase of life. With us, customers can insure themselves, their loved ones and their property and save for their pension. Every time we meet a customer, we also meet an owner. And we have many owners. We insure almost half of all Swedes and take care of the pensions of more than two million people. As a result, the Folksam Group is one of the leading players when it comes to insurance and pension saving.

Our vision

Our customers should feel secure in a sustainable world.

Our business concept

We are our customers’ company, offering popular insurance policies and pension investments that provide security.

Our overriding objective

We should have the most satisfied customers in the insurance and pension savings industry.

Two business goals:

  • Satisfied customers: Measured through the Folksam Customer Index (FCI).
  • Number of combination customers: Combination customers are those households with home insurance, individual pension investments or other savings along with car insurance or two other forms of non-life insurance (child, pet, other vehicle, holiday home or boat).


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