Interim report, January-March 2015

Prepared for the future

Folksam continue to build up its economic strength over the first three months of the year. This is particularly important at the moment as we – and many others – are considering the difficulties involved in finding good returns with negative interest rates. In our position as a company working with pension savings and non-life insurance, it is particularly important that we succeed in balancing our business and customer undertakings in both the short term and the long term. One variable for resolving this equation involves alternative investments, particularly in respect of infrastructure. Folksam was part of a consortium which acquired Fortum Distribution, Fortum’s electricity transmission business, during the quarter. This is a long-term investment which will provide stable returns and complements our various asset portfolios well. We are now continuing to work responsibility in order to safeguard the trust which our customers place in us, not least as we have to expect considerably lower levels of return over the next few years.

Jens Henriksson
CEO and Group President


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