Folksam – Life Insurance Company of the Year 2011

The judging panel said:
“The award for best life insurance company in 2011 goes to Folksam Liv. The company coped well with the financial turbulence during year and generated a large bonus for its investors throughout 2011. Folksam’s high consolidation worked as intended and the turmoil in the financial markets has barely been noticeable for the company’s investors.”

“I’m very proud of this award for our company and see it as proof that our commitment is what’s important to our customers. Both our companies, Folksam Liv and KPA Pension, are among the very best in terms of average five-year return. I’m also delighted that we have very satisfied customers,” said Folksam CEO Anders Sundström at Monday morning’s award ceremony.

Other nominees in the category of life insurance company of the year were AMF Pension and Skandia.

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