About Folksam

The Folksam Group provides insurance and opportunities for long-term savings.

Quick facts about Folksam

  • Folksam was founded in 1908
  • We have about 4 million customers
  • We settle 600 000 claims every year
  • We are 3 495 fulltime employees, about 54 % are women and 46 % are men
  • We have 10 offices throughout Sweden
  • Folksam Group´s premium income 2023 was SEK 72 billion
  • We insure every second family home and every second person in Sweden
  • We insure every fifth car in Sweden
  • We are one of Sweden´s largest asset owner with a total of approximetly SEK 582 billion in assets

Folksams core values

Our customers are also our owners

Folksam is a mutual company meaning our customers are also our owners. The profit does not go to shareholders, it stays within the company and benefits us all. In co-operation with our customers we create and provide a variety of solutions for insurance, pension other and long-term savings. Primarily we satisfy the needs shared by many.

Our vision is for our customers to feel secure in a sustainable world. Our goal is to have the most satisfied customers in the insurance and pension industry.

Our products

Folksam offers a broad range of products that include personal insurance savings, householders’ and houseowners’ insurance, commercial insurance for cars, boats and pets as well as different types of group insurance for sport organisations, trade unions and other organisations.

Folksam also offers provide a variety of solutions for pension savings and other long-term savings.

Our social reponsibility

We contribute to a long-term sustainable social development through research, information, debate and practical initiatives. We strive to help reduce accidents through a variety of preventive measures within areas such as Health, Environment and Traffic.

Our position as one of Sweden’s largets asset owner allows us to influence the companies we invest in. We encourage them to take a greater responsibility for the environment, human rights and we do not invest in companies where any of the sales are generated from tobacco production or tobacco products.

Co-operation with trade union parties and sport federations

Folksam has from the start co-operated with the major trade union parties and sport federations in Sweden making it possible to reduce prices by offering group insurance. Through our group home insurance we have contributed to a significant change in the number of uninsured homes. Other group solutions are pension savings, group life, sickness and accident insurance.

Our beginning – the end of social injustice

Folksam was founded in 1908 as a response to great injustices. In the beginning of the 20th century there was a lack of insurance solutions for ordinary people with a low income on the Swedish market. Folksam changed this injustice and offered insurance to everyone and did so to a reasonable price.

If a customer is dissatisfied

If a customer is dissatisfied with Folksam, he or she can contact the Customer Ombudsman for an unbiased examination – free of charge. The Customer Ombudsman is appointed by the Annual General Meeting and act independently.

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