Folksam Annual Review 2010 – now in English

Continued success

2010 was a successful year for Folksam, with sharply increased premium volumes. Folksam gained market shares in several areas during the year, in particular through new unit-linked insurance policies.

Assets under management grew by SEK 26 billion during the year and totalled SEK 268 billion at year-end, and the return was good.

– Having a portfolio that grows as rapidly as ours is obviously beneficial – it means that increasing numbers of investors are appreciating that it makes sense to do business with us. We are therefore now being offered the chance to participate in more and more investments that produce a good return for our customers, says Anders Sundström CEO of Folksam

For the first time a complete Annual Review for Folksam is presented – now also in English

The Annual Review for 2010 presents Folksam General with its subsidiaries Tre Kronor and Svenska Konsumentförsäkringar as well as Folksam Life with its subsidiaries KPA Pension, Folksam LO Fondförsäkring and Förenade Liv. In addition, sustainability – a key issue, Group Life – a risk insurance where Folksam is market leader and finally the risks within financial operations are presented.

For further information

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About Folksam
Folksam is a mutual company. We offer insurance policies and pension investments. Folksam insure every second person in Sweden and is one of the largest Swedish Asset Managers. Our vision is that people should feel secure in a sustainable world. (

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