The Folksam Group to make its biggest acquisition of green bonds – investing SEK 3 billion in green bonds from the European Investment Bank

The Folksam Group is acquiring green bonds valued at approximately SEK 3 billion (USD 400 million) issued by the European Investment Bank. This will be the Folksam Group’s biggest single acquisition. With this, the Folksam Group will have invested around SEK 20 billion in green bonds over two years’ time.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) stands as the issuer. The investment of USD 400 million is equivalent to just over SEK 3 billion and is the Folksam Group’s single biggest, in green bonds, to date.

“Our involvement with green bonds directly benefits our customers, as their money contributes to environmental and climate-smart projects, while receiving secure returns. These investments show how we can really make an impact and live according to Folksam’s vision,” says Jens Henriksson, President and CEO of Folksam Group.

The European Investment Bank is one of the world’s largest issuers of green bonds. Bonds finance projects within renewable energy – e.g. wind, solar and hydro power – and energy efficiency.

With this investment in the European Investment Bank’s green bonds, the Folksam Group has now invested about SEK 20 billion in green bonds, over the past two years. The goal is to increase these investments to SEK 25 billion, before the end of 2018.

The investments are distributed in the Folksam Group as follows: Folksam Life USD 182 million, Folksam General USD 52 million and KPA Pension USD 166 million.

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