Our customers should feel secure in a sustainable world: Annual and sustainability report 2022

We are there for our customers

Our job is increasing security in every phase of life. With us, customers can insure themselves, their loved ones and their property and save for their pension. More than three million households are customers of Folksam, which corresponds to two out of three households in Sweden. This makes the Folksam Group a leading player when it comes to insurance and pension savings in Sweden. Folksam Life and Folksam General are owned by their customers. Instead of the profit being distributed to shareholders, it is returned to our owners – our customers – in the form of bonuses, premium reductions or better services, offers and customer services.

Working together with our business partners

Many of our customers come to us through collaborations, for example with trade unions and the sports movement. Through our close collaborations and by joining large groups, we can provide attractive offers at preferential prices. Together, we help our customers feel secure in a sustainable world.

We are financially strong

Our financial strength provides us with resilience in times of unrest. This financial strength has also provided good conditions to develop competitive offers for our customers. We are one of Sweden’s largest investors and it is important that we manage our customers’ money responsibly. For us, this means yielding a good, competitive return, while at the same time contributing to a more sustainable society.

We take responsibility

The fact that we are a mutual company, our size and our operations entail a responsibility. As a major player and investor, we have the opportunity to exert influence, employ a long-term approach and contribute to sustainable development. We therefore offer insurance that increases security for customers, at the same time that we safeguard people and the environment. Our goal is to be the leader in the field of sustainability. Our climate target is to have net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in our own operations by 2030 and in our investment portfolios by 2050.

For more information, please read Folksam Annual and Sustainability Report 2022

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