Folksam invests in six wind farms

Together with FAM – which is wholly owned by Wallenbergstiftelserna – and Proventus, Folksam is to become a partner in the wind power company PWP AB.  The company owns six land-based wind farms with an annual capacity of 0.26 TWh. Folksam’s share of the investment amounts to roughly SEK 200 million.

Folksam and the other investors will each own a third of PWP AB. Power generation from the 47 wind turbines in operation can heat around 13,000 houses with electric heating.

“We’re continuing to invest in wind power to ensure our customers enjoy secure, long-term and profitable growth. Also, the company has several interesting projects on the go, which may further benefit our customers in the future,” says Anders Sundström, President and CEO of Folksam.

The wind farms are mainly located in central Sweden: one outside Vansbro municipality, one outside Rättvik, one outside Mora, one near Älvdalen and one outside Gränna, but the biggest – 32 megawatts – can be found near Dorotea municipality in the county of Västerbotten.

Folksam (Life, General and KPA Pension) is buying its share in PWP AB from Proventus.

Since January 2011 Folksam has owned four wind turbines in Kulltorp, Gnosjö municipality.

For further information:
Christopher Casselblad, Investor Relations, Folksam, tel. +46 (0)8-772 66 34, +46 (0)722-30 20 80

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